About Us

Den is a US-based venture capital operating in emerging markets including Africa and the Arab region. 

Den’s first fund is an accelerator focusing on early-stage technology enabled startups.

In doing so, we welcome impactful startups with great unit economics and clear scalability potential. 

Den Accelerator is not a one size fits all program. During the filtration phase, we work closely with shortlisted candidates. We spot exactly their areas to develop. By then, Startups are either ready so they could jump into the Den lounge, or they need to get ready so they have to stay in the Den lobby for a while. 

Each of the hypothetical areas (Lobby, and Lounge) has its customized course of action for each startup to move forward to the next level. 

Den lobby is a preparatory hypothetical place where we share with the startups our insights about their venture and what they need to focus on to make the best use of our program. Not only this, we offer them monitoring and support until they reach the milestone that makes them eligible for The Den Lounge. 

Den Lounge, however, is the 90 days customized and focused program. When the startups complete the needed prerequisites throughout The Den Lobby Phase. We are ready to host them in the Den Lounge virtual space. 

The Kind of Impact  

The kind of impact Den is striving to achieve could be taking several shapes. However, it will always be around fulfilling the basic needs of people in emerging markets, especially in Africa and the Arab Region.

Financial Inclusion

It is a fact that having access to financial products reflects directly on reducing poverty and inequality. Financial inclusion in the formal financial system can enhance the disposable income of low-income urban households.

Better Education 

Education is the most powerful weapon when it comes to fighting poverty. There are two clear gaps in Africa and the Arab region when it comes to effective education. These gaps are mainly availability and cost of education. This is why technology startups could do magic as demonstrated during the era of

Women Empowerment

When women and girls have equal rights and access to resources and services, societies thrive. We work to reduce gender disparities and empower women as entrepreneurs, employees, or even as customers to benefit directly and indirectly from our portfolio companies.

Health and longevity

We believe that health tech goes hand in hand with the knowledge of doctors and health professionals regarding their diagnoses and treatments, and the use of technological applications. The use of artificial intelligence, data science, and other technologies is enhancing diagnosing, and gradually treating deadliest diseases.

Saving Environment

Saving the environment is no longer a nice to have issue. It is rather a survival mandate. Individuals, organizations, and governments need to come together and join forces to protect what is left of our planet. Great startups have been doing a great job creating economic stances while building projects around reusing harmful material or optimizing the use of clean energy.

Job Creation 

In several economies, Startups have always been a prime mover in massive job creation. The kind of intensive job opportunities we seek to create are the ones that capitalize on tech skills. These kinds of jobs will continue being a scarce resource for the coming decades.

What Do We Invest in?

We are generally sector agnostic. However, we have some dynamic preferences. These preferences change according to market needs. We recently have these affinities :-

Digital Health

We are interested in startups who are making healthcare better and more affordable, speeding up and lowering the cost of Drug Development, and Bioinformatics. We are also interested in Genetics and Digital Therapeutics.

Basic Needs Efficiency - Driven & Distribution

Disrupting old and boring industries through providing efficient End to End technology-enabled solutions in full-stack startups with strong network effects.

Transportation & Automotive

About half of all energy is used in transportation; people spend a tremendous amount of time unhappily commuting/traveling. We are interested in Fast Transportation, Electrical Vehicles, Sharing and Route Modeling, and Optimization,

Fintech Enabled

We are interested in technology and innovation that aim to compete with traditional methods in delivering financial services. We are interested in the intersection of marketplaces and Fintech as well as the unbundling of financial services.

How Do We Support Beside Money?

Customized Program

It is not one size fits all, it is rather a customized program. Each Startup course of support differs according to phase and requirements that startup is currently in.

Den Perks

Den receives decent perks from the global technology corporates and service providers to empower and support the portfolio and expand the impact to a wide scale.

Den Investors Network

Den mentors' network is mainly a group of entrepreneurs and experts who have been exposed to 360 degrees of challenges in building startups and businesses. They are the most successful founders & executives in MENA, Africa, the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Den Mentors Network

Several elite VC investors in MENA & USA trust the early-stage selection of Den’s processes. Hence, we work with them to avail necessary resources to our portfolio


Africa, the Arab region, and Emerging markets have lots of basic daily life challenges. We believe these challenges create huge opportunities for the tech. enabled startups.